Greyhounds As Pets

Greyhounds make fabulous pets. They are perceived as hard to look after dogs which require lots of exercise, however, this is not true! Greyhounds love nothing more than a nice comfy bed, warmth, love, good food and of course human company.

Greyhounds are not animals that have great stamina; they are sprint animals that are happy with a good twenty minute walk twice a day.

Greyhounds are the most loveable dogs and very sensitive, once you’ve owned a Greyhound is hard to imagine that they ever enjoyed racing, the noise, the shouting, the cold, its just not attractive to our pet Greyhounds, who hate going out in the rain.

Greyhounds are ideal for people with pet allergies, as their fur is short and once they have shed their racing fur (thicker coat) they hardly lose any fur at all.

It’s also a myth that Greyhounds cannot live with other animals, like cats, or other small breeds of dogs. We have plenty of adopters who have Greyhounds that live with cats, chickens, small fluffy dogs etc. We will cat test the Greyhounds we have in our care if we think that they would be suitable.

Greyhounds are also perfect pets with children of the right temperament, as even though they are considered a large breed, they are very gentle and docile dogs.