Please met Joy!

I’m not sure where to start with this post I am so angry. Please meet Joy racing name Corey’s Joy. She was bred and raced in Ireland before being exported to Spain. This is her on the vets table after being made to run next to a van for 18miles in 20 minutes. She was … Continued

5 lucky BGP greyhounds will be heading to USA in the New Year!

Kerry went to the vets with five beautiful black boys from Birmingham Greyhound Protection. They are all having their vaccines and rabies to get ready to start new lives in America. BGP pays for vaccines and health certificates, the GBGB trainer pays cost of the castration and the rescue in the States pays the flights. … Continued

Fashion Show raised £664.10!!

We would like to thank you everyone for coming to support us at our Fashion Show Event on 19/11. It was a great success, we managed to raise £664.10!!

Christmas Fayre raised £425!

We had a absolutely fantastic day at the BGP and Candy Cane Christmas Fayre. It was a really good turnout and we raised £425. Thank you to everyone who donated items, helped run the event and then spent their money there. Big thank you to the owner of the pub for letting us have the … Continued

Daddy’s Cool and Stride on Molly arrived in the UK

Josh racing name Daddy’s Cool and Petal racing name Stride on Molly are now safe with BGP in the UK. These beautiful dogs were exported to Spain for breeding 2 years ago. We found them on a selling site in Spain where the dogs get sold and passed from pillow to post. Thank you everyone … Continued

5 beautiful greyhounds on their way to America

Today Birmingham Greyhound Protection sent five beautiful rescued ex racing greyhounds Buster, Pedro, Puma and Rosie to America to Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Centre. Sharron Thomas and I have worked together for past two years with Candy Cane dogs and these are the second lot of greyhounds BGP have sent to Fast Friends. It is … Continued

Exciting News

Kerry has been talking with two amazing greyhound rescues in America, Greyhound Friends and Fast Friends about taking ex racing greyhounds from our waiting list. Kerry has been working with these rescues with Candy Cane and trusts them 100%. Kerry is working with a trainer and he is happy to do everything to help us … Continued

Impact Week 2018: Birmingham Greyhound Protection

In celebration of LoveBrum’s first ‘Impact Week’, we’re sharing the stories of the people who’ve benefited from LoveBrum’s support, demonstrating the impact LoveBrum has delivered in Birmingham. Project aim Birmingham Greyhound Protection works to rescue greyhounds from the greyhound racing industry. These dogs come to the protection in extremely poor physical and mental condition. There … Continued

BGP visit a Dementia Cafe

Birmingham Greyhound Protection went and did a talk and meet and greet session at a dementia cafe. The people we were visiting were really happy and excited to meet the dogs. Magic from the Canidrome tried to make it all about her giving everyone kisses and hugs ❤️❤️ Gilly also came along with Lister who … Continued