5 beautiful greyhounds on their way to America

Today Birmingham Greyhound Protection sent five beautiful rescued ex racing greyhounds Buster, Pedro, Puma and Rosie to America to Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Centre. Sharron Thomas and I have worked together for past two years with Candy Cane dogs and these are the second lot of greyhounds BGP have sent to Fast Friends. It is … Continued

Impact Week 2018: Birmingham Greyhound Protection

In celebration of LoveBrum’s first ‘Impact Week’, we’re sharing the stories of the people who’ve benefited from LoveBrum’s support, demonstrating the impact LoveBrum has delivered in Birmingham. Project aim Birmingham Greyhound Protection works to rescue greyhounds from the greyhound racing industry. These dogs come to the protection in extremely poor physical and mental condition. There … Continued

BGP visit a Dementia Cafe

Birmingham Greyhound Protection went and did a talk and meet and greet session at a dementia cafe. The people we were visiting were really happy and excited to meet the dogs. Magic from the Canidrome tried to make it all about her giving everyone kisses and hugs ❤️❤️ Gilly also came along with Lister who … Continued

BGP Kennel News

As of the 1st march 2018 the kennels we rent now will be closing. When we started renting the kennels four years ago we weren’t sure how long we would have them, this was due to the HS2 train which will be coming down the lane where the kennels are. The landlords have now sold … Continued

We’ve rattled the racing industry!

This is the industry’s idea of a joke. What’s not very funny for the racing industry is that people are listening and boycotting greyhound racing.  Greyhound Racing Integrity Ireland used a Nellie Doodles piece of artwork (without her permission) and edited it to suit their own ends. Whilst it’s annoying for any artist to have … Continued

Birmingham Inspiration Awards

Kerry and BGP swept the board at the awards. We won all four categories we were nominated for! Thank you to everyone who voted for us! The awards are from the city of Birmingham, for outstanding achievements personally and for organisations. Hopefully we raised lots of awareness for greyhounds on the night, in fact I … Continued