Parkgate Express Irish greyhound exported to China

The exports to China continue, this time it’s 3 year old Irish greyhound Parkgate Express. Raced only 4 times in Cork this young boy will be used as a breeding machine at the Tianyou Dog Industry in Tianjin. Parkgate Express is proof that those in power are doing nothing to stop the exports of greyhounds … Continued

US bred greyhound in Mainland China

This lovely female greyhound is US bred Amanda Bynes, she is now being used as a breeding machine in Tianjin, China, the pro racing community of the US claim they have much better standards than anywhere else in the world so can they please tell us why we continue to find US bred greyhounds exported … Continued

Irish greyhound found in China

This beautiful boy is SPARTA BOUNTY. He is now in mainland China in breeding kennels. He was born in Cork Ireland and last raced at Waterford. He is for sale for 16k. We will try and follow him in China and hopefully when he is older he will be cheaper. Just absolutely gutted for him. … Continued

Droopys Blair

Josh aka Droopys Blair. Josh was exported to China 4 years ago after racing in Ireland. We paid 11k to get him home which I know is crazy money but he should have never been to China in the first place. He was bred from on average twice a week with mostly Australian female greyhounds. … Continued