Exciting news!!

Message from Kerry! I have some important news. So I’m moving away from Birmingham to Binbrook Lincolnshire. The main reason is for my children but also the dogs and the rescue. I can’t run two rescues from my house anymore as I have ran out of space. So we are changing a few things and … Continued

Almost an Angel 66 is fundraising for us!

Almost an Angel 66 (Elle Wilson) is offering to donate a COMMISSION piece of your own dog to help raise funds for one of the charities she supports – BIRMINGHAM GREYHOUND PROTECTION. The commission may take up to 5 months to complete due to work demands but its more than worth the wait. The commission … Continued

Grace Fundraiser for BGP!

From one of recent adopters who wants to fundraise for us! Please read! Hi everyone! In a bid to help BGP fundraising, I’ve got permission from the artist to sell prints of this amazing artwork that she did of our Grace. Prints cost £12.50 each, plus £1.50 postage and packaging. P&P can be combined for … Continued

We need urgent funds to help Rex!

Message from Kerry! We need to do an urgent fundraiser ASAP. Rex has had more seizures and was rushed to the vets. He has had 4 clusters now since he arrived with us and they are getting worse. He has had his bloods done twice and medication increased but it’s not helping. The vets now … Continued

Update on our 9 greyhouns in Ireland!

We currently have 9 greyhounds in Ireland. We stepped up few weeks ago before they were going to be put down to sleep. We paid all their vet bills  which was over two thousand pound so thank you everyone who supported us through this really difficult time. We have also paid £3,500 off our regular … Continued

Candy Cane fundraising event!

Please ready Kerry’s message re fundraising event for Candy Cane- BGP twin sister rescue and support if you can! So the biggest fundraiser we have ever done is kicking off today. We want to raise hundred thousand English pounds. This seems like such a lot of money but it will set us up for the … Continued

BGP has lost an amazing volunteer!

We would like to pay a tribute to Sandra Arrowsmith one of our volunteers who recently passed away. Sandra supported BGP in many way, she was fostering, home checking, transporting, fundraising, and adopted one of our hounds. This is a huge loss to our team. We are all shocked and completely devastated for her. Our … Continued

Message from Kerry!

Things are crazy right now and crazy times means crazy things are done. I hate the racing industry with a passion however I love the dogs. I had spoken with a trainer I work with about the dogs because greyhound trainers are self-employed and this crisis is going to hit them hard. They get 50p … Continued

Our 9 new rescues in Ireland!

The trainer in Ireland called the vet in order to kill all of these 9 greyhounds. We have Betsy’s sister, Betsy’s pups and Betsy’s pups pups .They are now booked into boarding kennels, it’s £5 a night per dog so have agreed to pay 30 nights up front so we need to raise £1350 😖😖😖😖 … Continued