BGP has lost an amazing volunteer!

We would like to pay a tribute to Sandra Arrowsmith one of our volunteers who recently passed away. Sandra supported BGP in many way, she was fostering, home checking, transporting, fundraising, and adopted one of our hounds. This is a huge loss to our team. We are all shocked and completely devastated for her. Our … Continued

Message from Kerry!

Things are crazy right now and crazy times means crazy things are done. I hate the racing industry with a passion however I love the dogs. I had spoken with a trainer I work with about the dogs because greyhound trainers are self-employed and this crisis is going to hit them hard. They get 50p … Continued

Our 9 new rescues in Ireland!

The trainer in Ireland called the vet in order to kill all of these 9 greyhounds. We have Betsy’s sister, Betsy’s pups and Betsy’s pups pups .They are now booked into boarding kennels, it’s £5 a night per dog so have agreed to pay 30 nights up front so we need to raise £1350 😖😖😖😖 … Continued

Update on Missy from her foster in Ireland!

Here is an update on Missy Miracle. She had operation few days ago. The Tumor was thankfully on her spleen which has been removed. It was 10 lbs. She went back to vets for the bandage removal and he was very happy with her progress. She is a bit bruised but no sign of infection … Continued

Missy-our new rescue girl in Ireland!

Missy was handed over to one of our good friends in Ireland. Originaly it was suspected she was pregnant but she is not, she has a massive tumour 😞 She will be not travelling to the UK now as she needs to go back to the vets. So for ten years she has been raced … Continued

Update on Rex!

Thank you everyone who donated towards Rex he has been back the vets again today and been sent home .They do believe the travel to the UK was too much for him. He is back to he’s happy cheeky self.

Rex needs your help!

Rex who came over from Ireland last Saturday is really poorly at the vets . Rex has epilepsy and last night at 2am he had four seizures one after another . I spoke with foster and we both agreed to call the vets .The vet is concerned about Rex he is now on a drip … Continued

Corona Virus Update!

The corona virus has not only effected our sister rescue Candy Cane, it’s now effecting BGP . Our dogs in Spain can’t travel and we have 6 Galgos and Joy the Irish female who were all due to travel in the next two weeks . We have dogs booked to travel to the States which … Continued