Lolly the podenco!

Lolly is slowly settling in. She is growing in confidence day by day. Lolly spent 3 years at Galgos Del Sol in Spain before we were asked to help her. She is in a very experience foster home with Sarah.

Amber and Jacko are joining us in the New Year!

We have recently helped two galgos in Spain. Please meet Amber and Jacko. Both will be joining us in the UK in New Year. If you would like to find out more about these breed or would like to adopt Amber or Jacko please get in touch.

New arrivals

3 beautifull galgos Furia, Adele and Macarena have arrived from Spain. All have gone to foster homes and shortly will be looking for forever homes. Kerry has been working with many rescues in Spain and helping homing these beautifull dogs in the UK. If you are intersted in adopting or would like to find out … Continued