Lilly needs a special home!

Lilly is still waiting for that special home. She has been in foster for nearly 5 months and settled so much. She needs a very understanding home As she goes from 0-10 in seconds and needs help to come down in certain situations. She is so loyal and actually really funny as she is so … Continued

Lily needs a special home!

Lily is still looking for her forever home. She has had such a bad life and has been let down over and over . This morning she barked at a cat, a crisp packet, dogs, a bucket in the river, she was very cross with it,  birds, a pushchair with no child in and my … Continued

Confident Ash-Irish greyhound found in Spain!

Message from Kerry! Please meet Valentino Racing name CONFIDENT ASH. This boy is registered in Ireland and is a racing dog who last raced in Ireland 2 years ago before he was exported to Spain for a few hundred euros. His last registered owner in Ireland is Mr Damien O’Donnell from Tipperary. We tried to … Continued

The reality of sighthounds in Spain!

This dog is a Irish racing greyhound who was exported to Spain and this is now her life. She had countless litters adding to the countless of disposable sighthounds in Spain. I am not going to release her race name yet as we are hoping to get her and another Irish female who is pregnant … Continued

Penny’s Trooper Irish greyhound found in Spain!

While making negotiations with the Galguero in Spain for Cooleagh Chick we also agreed to buy a male greyhound called Penny’s Trooper last known owner in Ireland is Mr Anthony Hamilton. He last raced in Ireland 2017 and was then sent to Spain. He has been bred and passed around like a machine. We also … Continued

Irish greyhound Cooleagh Chick found in Spain

Before lock down we were negotiating with a Galguero in Spain to buy this female greyhound racing name Cooleagh Chick. She had last trials in Ireland in January then was sent to Spain as a breeding bitch. We agreed a price etc but then the lockdown was put on Spain so we couldn’t get her. … Continued

We lost Petal! Message from Kerry!

Petal racing name Stride On Molly died in the early hours. Petal was 4 year old Irish bred racing greyhound who was exported to Spain two years ago. If you know Petal you would know how upsetting this is she was a nervous girl and scared of noises including loud traffic. Last year we found … Continued

Message from Kerry!

Things are crazy right now and crazy times means crazy things are done. I hate the racing industry with a passion however I love the dogs. I had spoken with a trainer I work with about the dogs because greyhound trainers are self-employed and this crisis is going to hit them hard. They get 50p … Continued

Our 9 new rescues in Ireland!

The trainer in Ireland called the vet in order to kill all of these 9 greyhounds. We have Betsy’s sister, Betsy’s pups and Betsy’s pups pups .They are now booked into boarding kennels, it’s £5 a night per dog so have agreed to pay 30 nights up front so we need to raise £1350 😖😖😖😖 … Continued