Benny, Cooper and Dibi have arrived in the UK!

Benny black male race name Bad to the Bone ,Cooper white-brindle male race name Empty Hope and Dibi white female bred in Spain from Irish greyhounds all have arrived in the UK. Both boys were bred in Ireland then once the industry didn’t want them they were sold to Spain to be used as breeding … Continued

Jay Bartel the Australian male greyhound is save in the UK!

Jay Bartel the Australian male greyhound, Candy Cane Rescue saved from a breeders in mainland China is now safe in the UK and living with Carmel Holland. The first video was his home in China. He was sold to us for breeding at 12 years old. His owner /trainer Kevin Pitstock and his mother Susan … Continued

Droopys Blair, Droopys Dale and Frisby Barney!

Droopys Blair, Droopys Dale and Frisby Barney, all 3 are Irish race dogs that were sent to China to be used as breeding machines. The racing industry in the UK and Ireland know their dogs are being sent to places like China where the dogs will be exploited and used and abused and will never … Continued

BGP documentary!

5 minute documentary from Birmingham Greyhound Protection about the racing industry and the exports of racing greyhounds. Please watch and share.

Exposure of the meat trade by Sunday Mirror!

Massive thank you to the Sunday Mirror for exposing the meat trade in China. I really hope people make the connection one day to other animals are they do the dogs. Candy Cane Rescue try and help other breeds of dogs in China but our main aim is to rescue greyhounds /hounds from the horrific … Continued

Please meet Joy!

I’m not sure where to start with this post I am so angry. Please meet Joy racing name Corey’s Joy. She was bred and raced in Ireland before being exported to Spain. This is her on the vets table after being made to run next to a van for 18miles in 20 minutes. She was … Continued

2 more Irish greyhounds rescued in Spain!

The other day I posted about a greyhound in Spain called Bad to the Bone. He was for sale really cheap as he had a fractured leg. We sadly missed out on buying him as we were too late. Last night he came back up for sale and now here he is (black boy) we … Continued

Message from CAGED Nationwide

We have received these photos from a racing industry insider. We are told these kennels belong to Belle Vue’s top trainer, GBGB licensed Beverly Heaton, at Jack Leg Farm, off Cranes Lane, Ormskirk, L40 5UG. We have also received numerous complaints about environmental issues from neighbouring residents, including noise, stench and flies. We would like … Continued