Message from Kerry!

Things are crazy right now and crazy times means crazy things are done. I hate the racing industry with a passion however I love the dogs. I had spoken with a trainer I work with about the dogs because greyhound trainers are self-employed and this crisis is going to hit them hard. They get 50p … Continued

Our 9 new rescues in Ireland!

The trainer in Ireland called the vet in order to kill all of these 9 greyhounds. We have Betsy’s sister, Betsy’s pups and Betsy’s pups pups .They are now booked into boarding kennels, it’s £5 a night per dog so have agreed to pay 30 nights up front so we need to raise £1350 😖😖😖😖 … Continued

6 Irish hounds arrived in the UK!

Thomas, Daisy, Betty, Zelda, Bella and Bubby arrived today. They are all due to fly to Greyhound Friends New Jersey .As it stands BA are still transporting dogs so fingers crossed they can go. Massive thank you to Vaughan for looking after them for me ❤️

Missy-our new rescue girl in Ireland!

Missy was handed over to one of our good friends in Ireland. Originaly it was suspected she was pregnant but she is not, she has a massive tumour 😞 She will be not travelling to the UK now as she needs to go back to the vets. So for ten years she has been raced … Continued

Corona Virus Update!

The corona virus has not only effected our sister rescue Candy Cane, it’s now effecting BGP . Our dogs in Spain can’t travel and we have 6 Galgos and Joy the Irish female who were all due to travel in the next two weeks . We have dogs booked to travel to the States which … Continued

Droopy’s Blair update!

Droopy’s Blair now called Josh was bred and raced in Ireland and is still currently standing in Ireland. Unfortunately he was sold to China for breeding. Rather than him having a retirement the greedy people in the racing industry sold him to a country with no welfare laws, no protection, no chance of a home … Continued

New girl Layla!

Please meet Layla racing name Madness Lady. Layla was bred and ran in Ireland then was sent to Spain for breeding. Spain for sighthounds is pretty horrific. Layla spent two years in Spain being passed from pillow to post before we were finally able to rescue her. Layla is now in foster in the UK … Continued

Please meet Betsy!

Betsy was handed over to a dog rescue in Ireland by her trainer few days ago. She is 11/12 years and was pregnant but sadly all her babies died inside of her. She was so poorly she was literally dying. She had a surgery and all her babies were removed. She still has a mouth … Continued

Sparta Bounty is dead!

We posted few days ago about Sparta Bounty which was sent to China from Ireland for breeding 2 years ago. This boy has been passed around like a machine and has hundreds of off spring now in China. I had two of our supporters contacting me and offering to buy him back and bring him … Continued