RTE Investigation- Greyhounds Running For Their Lives

This video shows the reality of greyhounds and the cruelty involved in this sport in Ireland. There is some disturbing footage but it needs to be watched and shared. Kerry has been working with many Irish greyhound rescues over the years in order to help them save as many dogs as possible. The reality of … Continued

Key Bandit-Irish greyhound exported to Spain

Last week we were in touch with the owner in Spain of Key Bandit. He was bred and raced in Ireland then sold for breeding and racing in Spain. We agreed a price which was around £300. Key Bandit was bred that week with a white female greyhound who was going to be for sale … Continued

Moss Row Joe arrived in the UK

Joe racing name Moss Row Joe has arrived in the UK. Joe was bred and raced in Ireland then sent to Spain for breeding. I am so angry this boy should have been retired but instead the greedy racing industry decided to get more money from him and sent him to Spain without a second … Continued

Nebraska Jet – Irish Greyhound Exported to Spain

Please meet Oscar racing name Nebraska Jet Owner and breeder Martin Griffin from Ireland. Oscar was exported to Spain for breeding in December 2018 and was already for sale for 500 Euros in Spain. For a working sighthound in Spain life is pretty harsh. A greyhound wouldn’t become a pet or have a retirement but … Continued

Bentley Beat The Clock- Irish greyhound exported to Spain

Please meet Beat The Clock, pet name Bentley. Bentley is an Irish bred greyhound who was exported to Spain 2018 by the delightful Emer Duffy. He was sent to Spain for racing and breeding. He wouldn’t have ever become a pet in Spain but only used as a breeding machine. Spain is responsible for killing … Continued

Holy Bound Irish greyhound rescued in Spain

Holly was bred and raced in Ireland then exported to Spain. Holly’s racing name is Holy Bound. She was born on 1/9/12. While she was in Spain she was bred from at least 5 times. She settled in foster in the UK. She ia living with 5 dogs who she gets on great with, she … Continued

Take It Away Irish Greyhound rescued in Spain

Tara racing name Take It Away arrived in the UK. She was sent to Spain from Ireland for breeding. She was bred around 6/7 times and also went to Portugal for breeding. She is going to a foster home with view to adopt. I cant wait for her to come home after all she went … Continued

Greyhound deaths reveal dark side to dog racing

By Katie Spencer, Sky News Correspondent Joy Battley is a greyhound enthusiast but her close involvement with the sport has meant she has seen its darker side. She knows the breed well through racing her own at a track in Harlow, as well as managing Barley Kennels in Waltham Abbey – a rehoming centre for … Continued