Gary came into our care on the 10th of May after being seized by authorities with 8 other sighthounds. He was born 14th August 2011 in Norfolk UK. He was renamed in 2014 when he came to Ireland and last raced in 2014. He came into our care in a right state. He weighs 22kgs when he should weigh at least 30kgs. His skin is so bad. His coat is in bits too. I’m not sure he would’ve survived much longer where he was as he’s pretty weak even when he is trying to walk. Despite all this he’s a lovely boy with the most amazing face. He was shaved at our vets on his belly to have a scan. He’s had lots of different tests which all came back normal. So he’s just mistreated. He’s on a course of antibiotics to help his skin etc. We’ll keep everyone posted on his progress. All sighthounds seized are safe. Gary will travel over to Kerry Lawrence Birmingham Greyhound Protection once he’s fit to travel❤️

  • Name: Gary
  • Age: 8
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: black
  • House Trained: With Training
  • Cat Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Dog Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Greyhound Friendly: Yes

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