Exposure of greyhound exports to China

Ardfert Thunder is a black male racing greyhound born and bred in Ireland. His owner, Noel Clifford, felt it was okay to sell this boy to China for racing and breeding. China has no welfare laws for animals and greyhounds are being pulled from slaughter houses and meat trucks every day now in China by the brave rescuers in China. Just today I was sent a video of a racing greyhound being picked up by his back legs and slammed to death by his trainer for losing a race. The girl in these pics is called Frankie. She was rescued by Candy Cane rescue, as she was for sale for a pitiful amount of money, along with her 8 puppies. By the time she was collected four of her puppies were dead next to her and row more died at the vets. Candy Cane had Paper work with her and it’s states she was bred from Ardfert Thunder from Ireland. So, the Clifford family who sold him to China are responsible for greyhounds being born in china where they don’t stand a chance. Ardfert is only 7 years old so his breeding days are far from over. The Clifford brothers own Ardfert potatoes in Ireland. They are not happy with making money from a decent business,  they export racing greyhounds for a lot of money to top up their earnings. We know they export to Pakistan as well. I hope these greedy vile people are happy with what they have done and the problems and suffering they have created for these noble dogs. This story, as well as my trip to China will be on the front page of the Sunday Mirror tomorrow. It’s about time the racing industry is brought down. It’s full of abuse and greed. Frankie and her two remaining puppies are now safe in the UK.

Posted by Kerry Elliman on Saturday, 2 December 2017

2 responses to “Exposure of greyhound exports to China

  1. Today I have read your article in the Sunday mirror newspaper. I am so disgusted that these gorgeous dogs are being exploited in the most heinous way possible by people not fit to be called human. There is no mankind here, from the men who sell them to the men who torture and eat them. As someone who has three of these amazing dogs in her life I can tell you they are the sweetest things to share your life and home (and bed and sofa!) with. They are kind, sensitive, gentle creatures. One can only imagine how they suffer. The export of greyhounds to the Far East must be stopped. Is there any way a petition can be started to bring their plight to parliament to make export illegal? I think you will be overwhelmed by support. Please.

  2. So sad. Shame on all who sell dogs to China and other countries, to comdem them to an awful end.
    Birmingham greyhound protection if you do a petition on change. Org I will sign. And maybe the government will stop all exports of dogs going to certain countries. Or stop this type of export for certain know breeds.
    prosecute all involved in sending dogs abroad for this horrible outcome.
    From a animal lover who as a dog.

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